Gareth and Susan held their wedding solemnization luncheon on 20 Sep 2009 at Space @ My Humble House (at the Esplanade) and I was engaged to play at their event.

Gareth and Susan's wedding solemnization

Gareth and Susan wedding solemnization

violin performance for wedding solemnization

Performed for 30 min as the guests were arriving, then another 30 min after the solemnization as the guests were enjoying their lunch. Played a mixture of classical pieces such as Schubert’s Ave Maria, Bach’s Air and ballads like Moon River and Can’t Help Falling In Love. The familiar Mendelssohn’s Wedding March created fanfare for the bride’s march-in.

Once again thanks to Gareth and Susan for your engagement and photos!

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One Response to Wedding Performance at My Humble House, Esplanade

  1. Joan says:

    Hi, what is your rates like for engaging you to play during solemnisation? Thanks! :)

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