There is a Season for Everything!

Date: Sunday, 1 May 2011
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall

Flyer for Turn Turn Turn - re: mix

Inspired by the concept of the “seasons” and all the rich connotations that the concept brings forth, re: mix’s forthcoming concert in May 2011 at the Esplanade Concert Hall will represent a new peak in the development of the ensemble and its continued dedication towards introducing both creative programming that aims towards enriching the audiences’ musical experience as well as advocating new music by Singaporean composers.

At one level, the concert will explore the notion of “change” (in all senses of the word) and how this change of seasons affects livelihood. Here, “Turn! Turn! Turn! …” will juxtapose movements from Vivaldi’s popular Four Seasons with Piazzolla’s The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires.

>> Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons – ok.. Piazolla’s 4 Seasons??

At another level, the title of the concert is a play on the song “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by Pete Seeger that is set entirely to the verse from the Book of Ecclesiastes which is an argument on the meaning of life. Here, re: mix is commissioning four Singaporean composers to write their own interpretation of any of the lines from the verse “to everything there is a season”.

re: mix’s programming will then juxtapose the compositions by the Singaporean composers with those by Piazzolla and Vivaldi, thus creating a musical journey through the familiar and the unfamiliar, through the old and the new, and conceptually, through music that is inspired by both notions of life and death.

Ultimately, this programme hopes to create a life-enriching experience for the audience with its marriage of the old (favourites) and the new, through its rich philosophical concept that underlies the programming as well as its choice of music.

$20*, $25*, $100
*20% discount for PAssion Card holders and fulltime students
10% discount for MadAboutArts card holders
Tickets available at all SISTIC outlets.

Call SISTIC @ 6348 5555 or book online by clicking here.

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