Yasuki Nakamura - Suzuki Violin Seminar

Attended the “Violin Seminar – The New Suzuki Violin School”, held at Singapore Post Centre on 24 March.  From the title, I was expecting changes to the Suzuki method, only to hear, at the start, that there weren’t any, by the clinician himself Mr Yasuki Nakamura. There is however,  a new revised edition of the Suzkui Vols. 1 to 3.  I had to leave early at 1pm due to teaching commitments, but was able to catch the interesting and delightful live masterclasses conducted by Mr Nakamura with the young violin learners from NAFA. Some interesting/insightful snippets (non-verbatim!):

  • Talent is not inborn, it is educated.
  • Student: When can I learn the vibrato? Teacher: Whenever you are ready!
  • Mr Nakamura likened the vibrato to the whirling blades of a helicopter. One must vibrato to the end of the note, like how the helicopter blades must keep on turning for the helicopter to stay afloat in the air. He mimicked the helicopter with his bow spinning vertically in the air, how the helicopter would start descending if the blades start and stop continuously.
  • Imagine there is a bird’s nest in between your left hand palm and the violin neck, and there are eggs inside. If you squeeze your palm towards the violin neck, you will crush those eggs!
  • Every lesson should have only one key point.
  • No matter how bad the student’s playing is, always find something good about it to encourage the student.
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