There are lots of sheet music / scores available on the Internet, but you may want to read the article on first, and check out the links there. Here are some other links I use. (let me know if you come across any good ones!)

International Music Score Library Project
Contributed by fellow NUSSO violinist Chong Han. Huge collection of classical scores.

The Mutopia Project: Free sheet music for everyone

The Violin Site
Has some sheet music and links to more sheet music sites

Share Music Sheet
Mainly a pop collection. Note that even if the score is meant for piano, we can still play the melody line (the top stave) on the violin! Hurrah. Go find your favourite movie/broadway themes, ballads, christmas songs.

For pop music, there are also many compilations and “fake books” which we can buy off the shelves locally. Besides the fresh smell and the motivational feel-good factor of a new book, it may be more convenient than searching, downloading, printing and filing the sheets together. Your call.

Since we’re on the topic of sheet music for pop, I’m currently using this for my students:

The good thing about it is that every song is graded, making choosing easier. Check out the list of songs contained in this book, then let me know is it going to be Bryan Adams or Abba for our next lesson.

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