Attended another performance by re: mix. This time, with Offshoots, re: mix shows that they are not just about “crossover” music, yet, still not all “traditionally classical”. What with minimalist John Adams’ Shaker Loops’ hynoptic sonic effects, and Kelly Tang’s 2 Contrasts for Solo violin and String Orchestra that was – if I could say so – a fusion of classical and jazz/blues! (which brings to mind Kelly Tang’s Tang-ology heard at the Jeremy Monteiro with T’ang Quartet concert earlier this May). Mr Foo’s Devil’s Trill was safe but totally enjoyable. Much more detail in Mr Chang’s review (I especially agree with the annoying electronic keyboard and Mr Foo’s rather entertaining terpsichorean moves :) .


Cancelled the night’s classes to watch Ms Tang Tee Khoon‘sPORTRAiTSrecital. With the popularKreutzer, Brahms’ heavy and romantic A major and one of Ysaÿe’s challenging and violinistic Solos, it was a good evening of sonatas which attracted a fair bit of audience, who also came to hear the fresh new recipient perform on the nation’s Guadagnini. Mr Chang’sreview.


With all that “serious” music, it was refreshing to have caught JUMP (thanks Kyong again!), a Korean comic martial arts performance that is just plain hilarious and impressive. Do catch it if you have the chance!


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