Over 2 days on 5 & 6 Nov 2010, re: mix performed “A Date With Friends” at the Esplanade Concourse, playing old-school Mandarin Pop and Western Rock ‘n’ Roll favourites by Teresa Teng, Chiyi Yu, Beatles and more.

re: mix at the Esplanade Concourse

While Mr Foo Say Ming, music director and soloist of re: mix plays most of the violin solos, we violinists had a chance to do so for one of the pieces in our repertoire – a Baroque arrangement of the Beatles’ “She Loves You”. Here’s Linglu and I on one of the sets:

Linglu and Jay with re: mix at Esplanade Concourse

Linglu and Jay - Beatles solo with re: mix

re: mix at the Esplanade Concourse - A Date With Friends

re: mix at the Esplanade Concourse - A Date With Friends

Not merely adaptations of the originals for string ensemble/small orchestra, I am enthralled by how these arrangements by talented local composers such as Kelly Tang, Chen Zhangyi and others take on new perspectives and breathe new life into these classics that effectively blended familiarity with new surprises. Do join re: mix on our Facebook page to be updated of our newest projects.

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